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New rules governing the disposal of vehicles came into force 2 years ago, which means there is an onus on the last registered keeper to make sure their vehicle is dealt with properly to comply with DVLA's procedures, more than anything, to ensure YOU don't get fined or have a claim for road tax on a vehicle thats no longer on the road.

Every vehicle picked up by us is disposed of in conjunction with these rules.


1). Non-roadworthy tyres will only be disposed of to a licenced tyre disposal company

2). All fluids will be removed from the vehicle prior to destruction

3). That the vehicle will have a CERTIFICATE of DESTRUCTION issued for it, which superceeds a V5/logbook and terminates the paperchain for the vehicle in question. Once a Certificate of Destruction has been issued for the vehicle from a licenced scrap metal yard, this notifys the DVLA that the vehicle no longer exists, and once its been issued, there is virtually NO reprieve for a vehicle, except in exceptional circumstances like a rare car has been assigned for destruction by mistake.

If you do not have a logbook, that won't be a problem for us to remove the vehicle, as the Certificate of Destruction will notify the DVLA on your behalf that the vehicle is no longer on the road and destroyed.

As much as possible of the vehicle is recycled, we don't like to see complete vehicles goto waste that could yield parts for others to stay on the road. Make sure you do it right, don't just trust anyone to take your car away, because if the DVLA are not satisfied that the vehicle has been disposed of within the guidelines, they will hold the last registered keeper liable, and thats when you can get issued fines and claims for road tax.

Do it properly, do it with South West Scrap!!


Just some of the places we travel to:

Scrap car Radstock, Scrap Car Midsomer Norton, Scrap Car Timsbury, Scrap Car Swindon, Scrap Car Cirencester, Scrap Car Gloucester, Scrap Car Stroud, Scrap Car Tetbury, Scrap Car Larkhill, Scrap Car Bulford, Scrap Car Lyneham,Scrap Car Bristol, Scrap Car Bath, Scrap Car Westbury, Scrap Car Avonmouth, Scrap Car Clevedon, Scrap Car Weston Super Mare, Scrap Car Bridgewater, Scrap Car Taunton, Scrap Car Weston Super-Mare, Scrap Car W-S-M, Scrap Car Trowbridge, Scrap Car Melksham, Scrap Car Scrap Car Warminster, Scrap Car Yeovil, Scrap Car Portbury, Scrap Car Nailsea, Scrap Car Hartcliffe, Scrap Car Knowle, Scrap Car Calne, Scrap Car Shepton Mallet, Scrap Car Frome, Scrap Car Wells, Scrap Car Glastonbury, Scrap Car Yate, Scrap Car Almondsbury, Scrap Car Oldbury, Scrap Car Alveston, Scrap Car Thornbury, Scrap Car Larkhall, Scrap Car Odd Down, Scrap Car Foxhill, Scrap Car Salisbury, Scrap Car Harptree, Scrap Car Exeter, Scrap Car Weymouth, Scrap Car Bournemouth, Scrap Car Poole, Scrap Car Corfe Mullen, Scrap Car Highbridge, Scrap Car Southampton, Scrap Car Amesbury, Scrap Car Devizes, Scrap Car Hungerford, Scrap Car Wells, Scrap Car Banwell, Scrap Car Cricklade, Scrap Car Chipping Sodbury, Scrap Car Stroud, Scrap Car Bridport, Scrap Car Beaminster, and many many more places!


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