Shiny TV adverts with irritating jingles offering you lots for your car and websites that offer a nationwide collection with their 'fleet' of recovery trucks...... if only!

So, you've just watched that irritating TV advert or seen a billboard or a van parked by the side of the road offering you mega money for your car.  Tempting isn't it?  Big money for your old banger, its surely a no brainer to go ahead...... or maybe there are a few catches!


1). YOU have to take the car to them!

 That sounds alright doesn't it?  What can go wrong? 

Well, firstly, and most importantly, are you insured to drive that car anymore?  The chances are you are not, and your insurance on your new car does NOT allow you to LEGALLY drive your old banger anywhere.  Why?  Because for the insurance policy on your new car to cover your old car, your old car has to physically be insured by someone else, otherwise theres nothing to stop people buying one policy and then driving around in whatever they like.  Many people get caught out assuming that a FULLY COMPREHENSIVE insurance policy automatically covers them....... in 99.99% of all cases, your insurance will NOT cover you.  Six Points on your licence, raised insurance costs.  The other aspect to consider is, you're scrapping it for a reason, is the car going to actually get you to where you need to go?

 Its why we run a fleet of recovery trucks, PRECISELY to ensure you will NEVER have that worry!

 2). You get a great price online!

Again, that sounds brilliant, except in most cases with regards cars nearing the end of their life, the price you're quoted will be a distant memory by the time they've finished inspecting the car.  Thats right, they are going to inspect your car, regardless of whether or not you consider it to be scrap, and they are going to reduce their quote with every scratch, small dent, missing wheelcover, scratched alloy wheel, worn drivers seat, worn wiper blades..... in other words, the price you got quoted online is now going to be greatly reduced.  Lots of people then opt to let them have the car rather than risk driving the car back.  Thats not right, and its not fair, which is why we don't do it!

We don't inspect ANY car, we don't reduce quotes on vehicles in an attempt to get the price down, what you get quoted over the phone is EXACTLY what you'll get in your hand, you're calling us because you're scrapping your vehicle, we're no more likely to inspect the car than we are to enter it into a beauty contest!!

3). Paying Admin Fees!!!

Seriously??  Unfortunately so.  For a bloke to wander around your car with a clipboard ticking off reasons to lower the quoted price, you're going to be charged around  £49.99 for the privilege!!!

This is their job, and its quite simple, get the price down!  They'll be doing this to a virtually new  £34,000 BMW,  just imagine the 'problems' and blemishes they are going to find on your 10-15 year old car!!!


4). Do you KNOW who you're dealing with?

When you go onto the internet, do you KNOW who you're dealing with?  The chances are you don't.  Theres lots of flashy websites offering nationwide collection for your old car, sounds great doesn't it?

Except they are not nationwide at all.  They don't have collection depots across the whole of the United Kingdom, they don't have a fleet of trucks either, they actually have NO trucks whatsoever!!!

A lot of these websites are for companies based in the Midlands and further North.  They don't have a fleet of trucks to come and collect your vehicle, what they do have however is an arrangement with a scrap yard near you, where they will pass on your details to them, and they will come and buy your car.  That scrap yard then pays that website company a 'lead fee', ranging from £10 to £40 for every car they successfully collect as a result.  

We don't deal like this, because we don't have to pay a lead fee to ANYONE, we prefer to keep our rates more competitive and pay the customer MORE for their scrap vehicle.

So be aware of who you're dealing with, because you probably aren't dealing with who you think you are!

Remember, we don't care if the engine is knocking, if the gearbox is broken, if its rusty beyond words or if its quite possibly the biggest pile of junk in your street, its still worth CASH and we're happy to PAY you for it..... problems and blemishes galore!

So, for a hassle free service, that pays YOU cash for your unwanted car, collects for FREE at a time of YOUR choosing, it pays YOU to deal with the professionals... South West Scrap!



Just some of the places we travel to:

Scrap car Radstock, Scrap Car Midsomer Norton, Scrap Car Timsbury, Scrap Car Swindon, Scrap Car Cirencester, Scrap Car Gloucester, Scrap Car Stroud, Scrap Car Tetbury, Scrap Car Larkhill, Scrap Car Bulford, Scrap Car Lyneham,Scrap Car Bristol, Scrap Car Bath, Scrap Car Westbury, Scrap Car Avonmouth, Scrap Car Clevedon, Scrap Car Weston Super Mare, Scrap Car Bridgewater, Scrap Car Taunton, Scrap Car Weston Super-Mare, Scrap Car W-S-M, Scrap Car Trowbridge, Scrap Car Melksham, Scrap Car Scrap Car Warminster, Scrap Car Yeovil, Scrap Car Portbury, Scrap Car Nailsea, Scrap Car Hartcliffe, Scrap Car Knowle, Scrap Car Calne, Scrap Car Shepton Mallet, Scrap Car Frome, Scrap Car Wells, Scrap Car Glastonbury, Scrap Car Yate, Scrap Car Almondsbury, Scrap Car Oldbury, Scrap Car Alveston, Scrap Car Thornbury, Scrap Car Larkhall, Scrap Car Odd Down, Scrap Car Foxhill, Scrap Car Salisbury, Scrap Car Harptree, Scrap Car Exeter, Scrap Car Weymouth, Scrap Car Bournemouth, Scrap Car Poole, Scrap Car Corfe Mullen, Scrap Car Highbridge, Scrap Car Southampton, Scrap Car Amesbury, Scrap Car Devizes, Scrap Car Hungerford, Scrap Car Wells, Scrap Car Banwell, Scrap Car Cricklade, Scrap Car Chipping Sodbury, Scrap Car Stroud, Scrap Car Bridport, Scrap Car Beaminster, and many many more places!


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