There is nothing to see here.....well, apart from this message of course!

There is nothing to see here, please go about your business in an expedient fashion, this page is now redundant and is no longer in use.... except to tell you that its no longer in use, which I suppose would mean it still has a use.


Consider it a road sign that serves no function other than to say "Please do not deface the sign", that in itself is useless wouldn't you agree?  Who are we even talking to?  No-one has actually read this far.... have they?  Did YOU (yes, YOU!) read this far?


Why, theres nothing to read here, nothing of note nor interest, its not even funny.  I suppose it might be slightly of more interest than Miley Cyrus twerking and poking her tongue out in absolutely every photo, but only marginally so.

So, we've come to the end of the page, frankly, i've run out of things to say now, i'm simply using up page space trying valiantly to amuse you (whoever YOU might be), now, why not go back to the contact page and give us your vehicle details, and perhaps we can be of more use buying vehicles than we are at being amusing.

 Q. Whats brown an sticky?  A. A stick

Hey, if you're going to still be here reading all this nonsense, I might as well throw the odd joke in there.


Right, this page really has now come to an end, stupid software means we can't remove pages once built, only pages that are at the end, and as this ones in the middle, that sucks, and is about as un-awesome as it gets.