Welcome to South West Scrap!  Whether you have an end of life vehicle, an MOT failure, or simply have a vehicle on your driveway that you’ve finally accepted is not ever going to get the love it needs from you, we can remove for you and PAY you!

All we need off you initially is the full vehicle reg, what your location is, a brief outline of what is wrong with the vehicle, and then we can give you a price, and assuming you’re happy, arrange a date and time to collect!

You work all day and only free in the evenings?  Not a problem!

You’ve lost the keys? Not a problem!

Whatever the issue is, we’re sure we can help, so get in contact either on 07535971721 or email:, and if you’re using email, don’t be shy on details.

Please note, we cover the South West of England and a few areas around (like Wiltshire for instance), we do not cover the South West of London!!!!

NOTE: We’ve just changed hosting service, so our website might look a little makeshift for a little while, whilst we get to grips with this new system!  Yay technology!!!!!!

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