Welcome to South West Scrap – Covering the South West of England

Welcome, we are South West Scrap, and we cover the south west of England, collecting and removing scrap and salvage vehicles that are no longer required.

Vehicles is all we do, it’s what we specialise in, because its what we know, so unfortunately if you have an old copper boiler or some wire, we can’t help you!

No matter the state of your old car, whether its simply rusty, you’ve lost the keys, lost the logbook, the tyres are flat, we can get it removed for you in double quick time.

If you’re a land owner that has had a vehicle dumped on your property for some time and it needs to go, get in contact!!

So long as we know in advance of any issues you think we need to be aware of, we can ensure our drivers are equipped to deal with it.

So if you’re contacting us via email at mail@southwestscrap.co.uk, don’t skimp on the details, tell us anything you think we need to know.

Useful information: Vehicle Registration, what is wrong with it, any difficulty getting to it, location (postcode) and whether there are specific times you are only available.


We PAY you for your vehicle, usually via bank transfer at the time of vehicle collection, quick and easy and safe!!

Some vehicles attract a better price, simply because we have customers that require certain engines and parts for markets outside of the UK.

So if you’ve been given a price that you feel isn’t quite right, get in contact with South West Scrap, maybe we can give a better price, what have you got to lose by asking?

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