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Have you had a price for your vehicle that you're not sure about?

Wondering if you could get paid more?


Then wonder no more, because South West Scrap are only too happy to give you a price that will make you glad you bothered to shop around

Some vehicles are worth more than their scrap weight alone, so seriously, don't be shy, 

if you've been given a price that would barely cover a weekly shop, you NEED to contact us! 


Don't accept the first price you've been given, give South West Scrap a call on 07535971721 or email us at, and let us provide you with a great service and a price you'll be happy with. 

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We are also licensed Waste Carriers with the Environment Agency

We cover the South West of England, and if you're not too far from there (Wiltshire and Dorset), we'll probably make you happy as well

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